Community Rules


The Chosen™ Gaming Community
Standards & Practices


This document, The Chosen™ Gaming Community Standards & Practices, serves as the guidelines for governance of The Chosen™ Gaming Community. These Standards & Practices are subject to change, and exceptions may be handled on a case-by-case basis.



Gaming Community is a collective of divisions under centralized leadership.
Divisions are the overarching term for individual: guilds, clans, corporations, fleets and/or whatever title a game calls a collective group with a common focus under a centralized leadership.


Community Standards

1)      All members must be at least 18 years or older.
  1. Division Leaders reserve the right to further restrict that age requirement.
2)      The Chosen™ Gaming Community does not discriminate against other members based on: sex, sexual orientation, creed, political beliefs, or any other protected status.
3)      Division and Community Leaders reserve the right to end or prohibit conversations that are polarizing or divisive.
4)      The Chosen™ Gaming Community adheres to a strict no drama policy. We expect our members to have “thick skin” and, yet, still be mindful of their actions and how they will affect others.
  1. Members are expected to handle conflicts on their own, if conflicts cannot be resolved they should be brought to Division Leadership for arbitration.
  2. Division Leaders reserve the right to protect the integrity of their Division, and their decision should be seen as final.
5)      We adhere to a two-strike policy; however, some cases may merit immediate removal from the community.
6)      Outside recruitment or “grass is greener” comments in public communication channels operated by The Chosen™ Gaming community targeted toward members of The Chosen™ Gaming Community are prohibited.
  1. Current or former Members could face disciplinary action such as, but not limited to, banning or strikes for outside recruitment.

 Division Policy

1)      Divisions must have established leadership.
  1. Division Leadership should have at least one active and responsible leader.
  2. Division Leadership should strive to have or maintain an active corps of “Officers”, “Counsel Members”, or other leaders to aid in leadership responsibilities.
2)      Divisions must have one directive or focus.
  1. Raiding, Role Playing, Scheduled Events, Leveling, Player vs. Player, Player vs. Environment are examples of directives and focuses.
  2. All members of Division Leadership are responsible for facilitating the directives or focuses of the Division regardless of assigned duty if a task if it is not being performed.
  3. Recruiting, Raid Leading, Event Facilitation, and etc.
3)      Divisions must have an active membership to support the directives or focuses.
4)      Divisions that require an out-of-game loot system may choose to use whatever loot system deemed fit for the game/setting.
5)      Loot distribution cannot be withheld from a current Member based on the assumption or knowledge that the Member will be leaving the Division or Community.
  1. Loot is distributed for current and past contributions, not for future contributions.
6)      Divisions must conform to overall Standards & Practices of The Chosen™ Gaming Community.

Community Merger Policy

1)      The Chosen™ Gaming Community will always be the surviving community.
  1. The merged community will use the resources of The Chosen™ Gaming Community.
  2. Name
  3. Exceptions can be made if name change is not permissible per game.
  4. In the event of a name remaining the same the following tag must be added on all public facing sites, “A Division of The Chosen™ Gaming Community”.
  5. Voice Communication Services
iii.      Web Services
  1. All non-existing Divisions played by the merged community will adhere to standard naming conventions.
2)      The Chosen™ Gaming Community will retain its Community Leadership.
  1. The merged community leaders can apply for leadership within The Chosen™ Gaming Community.
3)      The Chosen™ Gaming Community will retain its member Division Leadership if we have an active Division is in the game prior to merging.
  1. If The Chosen™ Gaming Community does not have an active Division in the game, the merged community will retain its Division leadership.
4)      The merged community will adopt the standards and practices of The Chosen™ Gaming Community.
5)      All mergers are subject to review by The Chosen™ Gaming Community’s Community Leadership Team.