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Pastor Blu

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[Accepted] - PastorBlu
« on: February 12, 2017, 02:33:00 PM »
Figured I would do this now just for the fun of it and get it over with...

Character name:  PastorBlu, BluMagi, Blu

Age (18+):  Yes I am! if you need exact age, well here's a math problem...  18x2-3= my age after April...

Class / Level:   Gnome something and others level 0 for now, still waiting on the game to come out, but will be there and playing in alpha and beta and start up live.

Planned Professions:   Well from reading the forums on the site, I may get something that will suit my class options, oh maybe something to decorate a house with, will know more when I get a chance to play the actual game.  I do plan however to be there...

Location (Country you live in):  United States of America lead by Emperor President Trump, in sun shiny Florida.

Do you know anyone currently in the guild? I Know Mrs. Teria and Mr. Dart will be there as well as Ms. Misty, maybe that Mez guy, I dunno, maybe 20% of our BDO group like Spirit, Seacret, Issis, Nonie, Doke the Joke(r), Raven, and others (Sorry if I missed some of the others that were important but did not leave a impression on my brain, however you are noted with the "others".)

Have you played as a member of The Chosen in any other games?   Yes and even performed my first online wedding here are as well.  Love ya'll.

If yes, what game, and what was your character name?  Ummm BDO and Legacy WoW (for like 3 days maybe) and even on the Minecraft server as well. 
BDO:  Family name of PastorBlu; Character names, BluHymnsinger, TheBigBlu, LiBlu, BluShield
WoW: PastorBlu (NE Priest)
Minecraft: BluMagister
Retail WoW: Blucheez, Blumagi, Blushield, Blugoblin, and many many more...

Who is the lead UI Candy Bar designer for Pantheon MMO? I think it was mentioned that Willy Wonka was, so think I will stick with that answer.
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