AQ40 Nature resistance gear

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AQ40 Nature resistance gear

Post by Cederius » Tue Apr 28, 2020 9:26 am

I've been searching for what is required for AQ40 and I have build a nature res set for DPS warriors (humans mainly)
Things to note:
- I've tried to maintain as much hit gear as possible
- This set doesn't have any green dragon drops, since probably we wont be able to farm them
- This set requires Cenarion rep, BS(revered), Tailor(revered), Dragon LW (exalted) and Ench (Honored) and recipes will only be available during P5, but rep can already be farmed
- Chest can be swapped for BS chest: ... reastplate
- Most nature res gear can be found in this guide: ... or-huhuran

edit 28/04
Updated gear with guaranteed P5 drops and crafted gear ... e-p5-60174

- This will only require LW (revered) and ench(honored)

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