Useful Druid Macro Mega-Thread

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Useful Druid Macro Mega-Thread

Post by Throop » Sun Jan 12, 2020 11:57 am

Standard Powershift:

/cast Cat Form

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Re: Useful Druid Macro Mega-Thread

Post by Yanagi » Fri Feb 14, 2020 6:29 pm

I built the following macros:

Bear Macro:

Code: Select all

/cast [form:2] Aquatic Form;  [form:3] Cat Form; [form:4] Travel Form
/cast [form:0/1] Dire Bear Form
Cat Macro:

Code: Select all

/cast [form:1] Dire Bear Form; [form:2] Aquatic Form [form:4] Travel Form;
/cast [form:0/3] Cat Form
Travel Macro:

Code: Select all

/cancelform [stance:1] Dire Bear Form; [stance:3] Cat Form
/cast [swimming] Aquatic Form; Travel Form
/in 1.5 /cast [nocombat,form:2/4] Find Herbs
What these do:
They cancel all potential conflicting forms, including the form you're planning to shift to, and then cast the form you want.

The reasoning being that not only are these Power Shift Macros, but they allow you to power shift from one form to a completely other form by mashing the form you want once. And if you want to power shift from the same form, you just hit it twice.
So if I'm in bear form and want to switch to cat form, press the Cat macro and boom you're in cat.
If instead you just want to trigger furor for 10 rage, double press the bear macro.

The travel macro is a little more complicated, because it will cast the correct travel form (travel/aquatic) depending on environmental effects. This way I was able to use a single button for both forms. And I added herb tracking to the macro since I often use travel form when gathering.

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