Hunter Gear distribution plan (MC)

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Hunter Gear distribution plan (MC)

Post by Tatu » Thu Dec 19, 2019 7:38 pm

GS = Tier 1
DS = Tier 2
WTF = Wristguards of True Flight
CoD = Crown of Destruction

Gear Priority based on blue->GS->DS. Ex: If DS legs already obtained, can get GS only after everyone has GS at least. Suicide kings on items (1 item until all have an item for the run + order based on attendance). Same as if random rolled before.

Special item (Crown of Destruction from Ragnaros) - GS is a downgrade, DS is a sidegrade - only get set helm after others have at least GS.
Special item (Leaf from Domo Chest)

Each week if you get loot you move lower in the list. This is just the "start" position in the list during the raid. If you get a tier piece you move down in the order unless you are the only one that needs the item. This ensures we are distributing loot fairly across everyone. You could pass on an item in hopes of a later item in the same run, but for tier items this is self-defeating and is not encouraged. Multiple items in one night is likely given current gear levels for hunters.

MC Boss Loot (who may still want the item) - 2/5 updated.
Lucifron - Tranq Book (does not count as item)
Magmadar - GS Legs
Magmadar - Striker's Mark
Gehennas - GS Boots
Garr - GS Helm
Baron - Nothing for hunters
Shazzrah - GS Gloves
Sulfuron - GS Shoulders
Golemagg - GS Chest
Golemagg - Gun
Cache - WTF
Cache - Leaf
Ragnaros - CoD
Ragnaros - DS Legs (Banquo)
Ragnaros - Cloak
Ragnaros - Band of Accuria

BOEs (1 belt so far, no wrists)
GS Wrist - (Coltar, Murdin, Tatu, Turtle, Lilasana)
GS Belt - (Turtle, Lilasana, Coltar, Gamrie, Murdin)

Onyxia's Lair Loot
Onyxia - DS Helm
Onyxia - Black Dragon Sinew
Onyxia - Head

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Re: Hunter Gear distribution plan (MC)

Post by Tatu » Wed Mar 04, 2020 10:52 pm

1H weapons from MC w/Crit + AP are also open to hunters now as long as not rolling over a main spec melee. (3/2/20)

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