BWL Tier Items for Hunters

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BWL Tier Items for Hunters

Post by Tatu » Mon Feb 10, 2020 10:37 pm

We will continue the "attendance" rotation so that we distribute gear around the raiding hunters consistently.

When you get a tier item, you move to the end of the list of players in the current raid. When you reach the front of the list again you can get another tier piece. If the person at the front does not need the tier piece the next person down the list can receive it. The person at the front stays at the front in that case, with the player that receives the loot moving to the end of the list of players in the current raid.

BWL is mostly about tier pieces for hunters. The exception is the Nefarian head and a few ranged weapons that may provide a boost over the quest bow damage.

The shared loot spreadsheet for all classes will be used for items that are cross-class (rings, trinkets, necklace), with priority / rotation provided by the common mechanism used by the guild.

As before - priority will be Blue -> GS -> DS. I believe only the GS belt will fall into this since we have only seen it drop once, as a result anyone with the GS belt will get the DS belt after others have upgraded out of the blue dire maul belt.

For set bonuses, the improved aspect of the hawk buff for 3-piece set is more desirable than the 5-piece bonus from GS.

For raiding purposes, once we have someone at 6 pieces of DS it is advantageous to have them get loot priority to complete the 8 piece bonus as it places a debuff on their target and helps all ranged attacks when it procs.

Attendance order : "Turtle, Coltar, Lilasana, Tatu, Gamrie" : Updated for 2/19 raid

BWL Bosses (item) : Who needs that item : Updated 2/19
Razergore (bracers) : Tatu, Gamrie
Vaelastraz (belt) : Coltar, Turtle, Tatu, Gamrie
Flamegor / Ebonroc / Firemaw (gloves) : Coltar, Lilasana, Turtle, Tatu, Gamrie
Broodlord (boots) : Coltar, Lilasana, Turtle, Gamrie
Chromaggus (shoulders) : Coltar, Lilasana, Turtle, Tatu, Gamrie
Nefarian (chest) : Coltar, Lilasana, Turtle, Tatu, Gamrie

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